Sports Ground Management Solutions

Sports Ground Management Information System

Do you manage a large number of community sports grounds?

Do you have issues with…

  • Monitoring turf quality and risk management to ensure sports grounds are ‘fit for use’ for competition?
  • Monitoring sports ground usage and the impact on turf and surface quality?
  • Allocating budgets to ensure maintenance works are appropriate for individual sports grounds?
  • Ensuring turf maintenance and fertiliser programs are effective?
  • Ensuring irrigation system performance is to acceptable standards to avoid unnecessary cost and wastage?


You are not alone!

IPOS understands the difficulties of these challenges.

With a history of experience in sports ground management, working closely with local government we have developed the IPOS -Sports Ground Management Information System. Field assesment and research models provide sound information to assist you when dealing with these problems and allow you to make informed decisions.

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