The foundation of good turf performance is the soil in which the turf grows. The principle soil characteristics that impact on turf health are;

  • Soil Texture
  • Soil Structure
  • Soil Infiltration Rate
  • Soil Compaction
  • Biological Activity
  • Soil Nutrient Status

The ‘IPOS Turf and Soil Assessment Model’ uses sound field assessment and measurements combined with laboratory analysis to determine and monitor turf health and soil condition. IPOS partners with highly skilled agronomists to do soil and water testing and interpretation. Ongoing testing and monitoring provides information from which sound turf maintenance and renovation practices can be developed aimed at improving soil conditions, turf health and density.

Assessment tests and methods include;

Assessment Test Assessment Method No of Test per Sports Ground
Turf health & quality IPOS assessment / TQVS standard 1 assessment across the sports ground
Soil texture & structure Hand bolus method – ribbon test 5
Root zone depth and density Split tube sampler 5
Soil profile Split tube sampler to 300mm 5
Soil infiltration rate / drainage Ring infiltrometer 5
Soil moisture content Theta-probe moisture sensor 15
Soil strength & compaction Hydraulic penetrometer 15
Surface hardness Clegg impact hammer 15
Soil chemistry and nutrient analysis Laboratory analysis 15 soil samples mixed to make 1 laboratory sample


The report provides a fertiliser and turf maintenance programs developed from assessment results which are specific to each sports ground aimed at improving nutrient balance, soil conditions, turf health and density.