Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space

IPOS Consulting was engaged by SA State Government to project manage and author the “Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space”… read more

IPOS – Landscape Irrigation Management Plans

IPOS Consulting has prepared Turf and Irrigation Management Plans for Local Government which provide a strategic framework… read more

IPOS – Public Open Space Decision Support Tool

This Decision Support Tool has been developed to guide and assist Councils in making decisions in relation to what open space sites… read more

IPOS – Irrigation Audits

IPOS has undertaken over 200 irrigation system audits over the past 5 years assessing the performance of irrigation systems for a range of clients in the Local Government and Education sector.

IPOS – Sports Ground Quality and Risk Assessment

IPOS Consulting currently conducts monthly Sports Ground Quality and Risk Assessment inspections on over 100 sites… read more

IPOS – Irrigation Efficiency Reporting

Using the IPOS – Irrigation Efficiency Reporting Model, IPOS Consulting currently prepares monthly irrigation efficiency index reports for clients in accordance with the SA Water requirements for Local Government Irrigators.

IPOS – Turf and Soil Assessment

The ‘IPOS – Turf and Soil Assessment Model’ uses sound field assessment and measurements combined with laboratory analysis to determine and monitor turf health and soil condition. Ongoing monitoring provides information from which sound turf maintenance and fertiliser programs are developed and are aimed at improving soil condition, turf health and density. Turf and soil assessments are currently being carried out for a number of Councils including the City of Marion.

Sydney Water – Irrigated Landscape Efficiency Project

Partnering with URS Corporation, IPOS Consulting carried out assessments on 150 of the largest water use sports grounds… read more

City of Parramatta – Sports Ground Capacity Review

Working with Suter Planners, IPOS Consulting has undertaken a Sports Ground Capacity Review for the City of Parramatta. The review assessed the sustainability and capacity of the sports ground network that includes 52 sites. The quality of the sports ground was assessed, as was the current usage and capacity of the grounds to meet future demand. Models have been developed to guide Council in ensuring equitable provision of safe ‘fit for purpose’ sports grounds for the community.

City of Bayside – Sports Ground Risk Audit

A Sports Ground Risk Audit was undertaken on 46 sports grounds managed by the City of Bayside in Melbourne’s Southern metropolitan area. The hazards and risks, in relation to sports ground quality, associated infrastructure and proximity to adjacent recreation facilities and private dwellings was assessed with recommendations to reduce or minimise risks identified. The reports provide a framework by which Council can monitor the safety of sports grounds and ensure their ‘duty of care’ is met in the provision of active recreation facilities for the community.

WA Department of Sport and Recreation – Natural Vs Synthetic Turf? Study.

Working with Tredwell Management and University of Ballarat, IPOS carried out the Natural Vs Synthetic Turf Study for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA… read more

IPOS – Training and Development

IPOS Consulting has provided training for Local Government in partnership with the Local Government Association. Workshops on ‘Implementing the Code of Practice’ have been run across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

IPOS has also presented papers and facilitated workshops at National Conferences including:

  • Irrigation Association Conference 2007
  • Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association Conference 2008
  • Parks and Leisure Australia Conference 2008 Presentation | Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space
  • Sports Turf Association (Vic) Seminar 2010 Presentation | Sports Ground Risk Management
  • Parks and Leisure Australia Conference 2011 Presentation | Sports ground Usage – How Much is Too Much?
  • Irrigation Australia Conference 2012 Workshop | Irrigation Efficiency Reporting Workshop – Managing Sports Ground Usage / Capacity
  • Parks and Leisure Australia Conference 2012 Presentation | Budgeting for Community Sports Grounds