Sports Turf Association


STA Australia is an association dedicated to the development and professionalism of sports turf management. Although each state operates independently, in 2014 a national body was formed to create a stronger more united organisation.

The main focus of the association meetings is to provide a forum for ALL people who work in and have an interest in the Turf industry. This:

  1. Promotes friendships and solidarity between those involved.
  2. Distributes current and new knowledge of technology.
  3. Allows discussion and promotes a problem solving environment.

As Turf and Horticultural workers, you may feel that your technical skills and hard work is underappreciated and undervalued. The personal and corporate status of those engaged in the turf industry as a highly technical and significant employer of people must be recognised. We continue to highlight and push for this to change, but can only do so with constant promotion.

Through liaisons with other groups with a similar focus, and informative meetings and sessions with profiled and knowledgeable speakers, we hope to achieve this recognition.