TurfSafe is an integrated Risk Management System, using world class technology, designed specifically for sports turf. It has been developed in accordance with the Risk Management Standards (ISO AS 31000:2009) and the Guidelines for Managing Risk in Sports and Recreation (AS HB 246:2004) to ensure you meet your ‘Duty of Care’.

TurfSafe provides a framework by which the quality and risk of sports grounds can be assessed to ensure they are safe and ‘fit for purpose’. Standards, which meet all the peak sporting body preferred facility guidelines, have been developed for 22 risk criteria in the 4 categories of Turf Quality, Surface Quality, Irrigation Equipment and Associated Fixtures. Assessment criteria include;

Turf Quality Irrigation Equipment
Turf colour & general appearance Exposed sprinklers
Turf coverage & density Sunken low sprinklers
Turf height Leaking sprinklers
Turf thatch Exposed valve boxes
Pests / weeds / disease ?
Surface Quality Associated Fixtures
Pot holes / trip hazards Goal posts
Uneven loose surface Fences
Gradient / undulations / sinkages Boundary clearance
Drainage / surface water / saturation Foreign objects
Ground hardness / impact severity Practice cricket pitches
Clegg impact testing Photographic records
Concrete / turf cricket pitch High risk email notification


The TurfSafe Web App facilitates infield data entry, using a phone or tablet, which is submitted directly to the ‘cloud’ based online system. Clegg hammer readings, photographs, quality and risk rating data is analysed with reports generated which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Where high risks have been identified, a notification email is automatically sent from the field. All data and reports are stored on the secure IPOS online system.