IPOS Consulting Pty Ltd was formed in 2007 and has been built on best practice in the development of the ‘SA Water Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space’. We continue to develop innovative systems and models that provide clients with timely and accurate information to enable you to make sound decisions in relation to sports ground management.

Through information and data gained from field assessments and research, IPOS provides positive solutions to assist in dealing with the diverse range of issues that arise in the management of sports grounds.

Gerry Charlton, Director of IPOS – Total Turf Management, together with Craig James and Dave Sampson, our two technical field officers, will work as part of your team, to provide specialist services. IPOS – Total Turf Management work closely with their clients to maximise the benefit from assessments and research and continue to support you to measure, monitor and manage all aspects of your sports grounds.

IPOS partners with highly skilled agronomists to conduct soil, water testing and interpretation to ensure your turf is healthy and able to cope with the rigours of competition and training. IPOS Total Turf Management continues to develop innovative, best practice management systems to support you in providing safe, ‘fit for use’ sports grounds for the community.

IPOS – Total Turf Management offers a range of solutions and can customise their services to meet your needs. All clients gain access to IPOS Online, an innovative ‘cloud’ based Sports Ground Management Information System integrating information from all IPOS models, presenting data with trend line graphs, photographs, interactive maps and textual information. IPOS provides sound information to assist you in making informed decisions and they use the latest, world class technology that enables you to access information, from anywhere at any time, by logging into your account.

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