IPOS Consulting was engaged by SA State Government to project manage and author the “Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space”.

Since its publication in 2007 and review in 2015, the Code has become the standard for irrigation management in South Australia and has been recognised as best practice nationally. The reporting principles in the Code have become mandatory practice for local government and the education sector in SA.

“The Code of Practice – Irrigated Public Open Space” provides a resource which can be used by open space managers to ensure the planning and management of irrigated green space in the urban environment is based on sound principles and applied consistently at all levels of management. The Code can be used by providers, practitioners, and regulating authorities to set policy, manage resources and regulate water usage in the provision of irrigated public open space.

The Code provides a management framework, for best practice turf and landscape irrigation management, for all irrigated public open space, including that managed by local government, the education sector and others. It forms the basis by which the industry can demonstrate efficient and effective resource management.

The Code is hosted by SA Water and can be accessed on their website at https://www.sawater.com.au/business/products-and-services/irrigated-public-open-spaces-ipos

Resources available on the SA Water website include:

  • Code of Practice: Irrigated public Open Space – A technical resource providing practical advice on how best to manage irrigated green space.
  • IPOS Operational Guide – The Operational Guide is designed to assist those who are charged with the responsibility for the irrigation management of sports grounds and currently do not have the skills or training to be considered professional irrigation managers. Typically this situation applies to small local government councils, some schools and sports clubs.
  • Irrigation Management Toolkit – The toolkit provides sound information on watering requirements and irrigation scheduling for community green space using Bureau of Meteorology evapotranspiration and rainfall data to calculate monthly irrigation requirements for the various classifications of turf. It also provides a model whereby actual water usage can be compared and monitored against the irrigation requirement.

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