IPOS – Public Open Space Decision Support Tool (2013)

This Decision Support Tool has been developed to guide and assist Councils in making decisions in relation to what open space sites should be developed and/or irrigated and the appropriate level of service provision for each site. This tool can be used for strategic planning to prioritise sites to be developed and as an operational tool to determine service levels and strategies to deal with water access or budgetary considerations in the rationalisation of irrigated public open space within the City.

The tool poses relevant questions that need to be considered when making a decision to develop sites in relation to the function of irrigated landscape, the area to be irrigated, water supply options, maintenance levels and the cost of irrigation. Whilst the cost of development and/or irrigation is a major consideration it should not be the initial factor considered. Factors such as natural amenity, developed amenity, functional benefit, and community usage should be considered in the first instance followed be an evaluation of water supply options and cost.

IPOS Decision Support Tool Flow Chart

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