The capacity of a sports ground is the maximum level of traffic / usage that the site can sustain without resulting in a major decline in the turf and surface condition that renders the site? unsafe or ?unfit for purpose?.

Using data in relation to the number of competition games and training schedules, usage rates are determined on the basis of ?person hours per week?. A factor is applied to junior activity to allow for the reduced wear impact.

Different sporting codes and venues have different playing field sizes which result in varying wear impacts. The same number of person hours usage will have a higher impact on a smaller playing field. In order to standardise information so that comparison can be made for different sporting codes and venues the measure or ?sports ground usage index? used to assess sports ground usage is metres square per person hour per week (m2/phr/wk).

This criteria has been developed as it reflects the number of hours the ground is used, the number of persons using the ground per week and the size of the field. It also provides a standard measure or sports ground usage index that can be compared across sporting codes and for varying sized sports grounds.

Using this information, benchmarks have been set for Low, Medium and High usage rates and the capacity of the sports ground can be evaluated. The factors that directly impact on the capacity of the sports ground include…

  • Participation Rates – number of registered teams plus number of participants
  • Usage Rates – number of competition games plus number of training’s
  • Turf?Quality & Condition – Turd species & health and surface quality and stability
  • Weather Conditions – temperature and rainfall
  • Type of Usage / Sports Code – high impact sport (football / rugby) or low impact sport (cricket / athletics) and age of participants

The sports ground capacity analysis is based on validated data. It can be used to compare usage levels and capacity between sports grounds or to determine management strategies for a given venue.

There will always be a need to inspect and monitor the performance of the sports ground and liaise with sports clubs or associations to ensure it is?fit for purpose? for the designated activity.

The IPOS TurfSafe management software will capture all the above data and provide reports that are stored on the secure IPOS online system which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

If you would like to know more about the IPOS online system and how it will take your sports ground management to the next level contact Gerry on 0431 836 400 or fill out the contact form here.

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